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Tree and Shrub Service

Tree trimming and tree pruning are a part of everyday maintenance of ornamental trees. Trees need to be trimmed to keep them in good health and to minimize possible damage. Tree trimming or tree pruning is carried out in order to: remove dead and unhealthy limbs remove dangerous limbs or branches that overhang housing, shape trees, maintain a reasonable size , increase light on garden beds or housing, and reduce weight in older trees in order to prolong life of the tree.

There are a number of benefits to properly trimming the trees on your property. Proper pruning improves the health of your trees by removing dead or dying branches. It also protects the branch structure and reduces hazards such as falling limbs or low-hanging branches. On fruit trees, it can improve the size and quantity of the crop. Our team at Ohio Shades of Green has the experts who know how to professionally prune and shape the beautiful trees and shrubs on your property